Make Money With Social Media As As Adult Affiliate

If you don’t have a website or blog but would still like to make money being an Adult Affiliate, no problem! You can advertise your affiliate links on social media and BANK! Keep reading if you’d like my personal advice on how I’ve been successful on social media. 



Twitter has been the best social media site that I’ve used so far to get my Affiliate links out there, as they allow adult content. I’m not going to teach you how to use Twitter because thats not what this page is about. I’m here to teach you how to use Twitter to make money in the World of Adult Affiliate Networks. The first thing you need to do is select a niche. Asians, Blondes, Trannys, Gay stuff, Selfies.. etc… it doesn’t matter. Pick one and stick to it, thats how you effectivley develop a following. Download a bunch of free pictures from Google that represent your chosen niche. Start out slow. Get atleast 100 followers before you start promoting your links. Twitter has filters in place that will catch and suspend your account if you just start blasting links from the get-go. Start posting random pics of whatever niche you selected on your Twitter feed and use hashtags!! Get familiar with what hashtags are popular. The ones I use are #MirrorMonday, #TittyTuesday, #AssWednesday, #ThongThursday, #FriskyFriday, #SexySaturday, & #SelfieSunday. Those are the popular hashtags of the day. Make sure to tweet pictures to some of the big/popular porn accounts so that (hopefully) they re-tweet them to their followers.

When you’re ready to start posting your Affiliate links, do NOT post the links that you get straight from whichever company you are promoting. The best thing you can do is mask the links. I use and highly recommend as they are legit and I’ve never had any issues getting my links posted or clicked. If you post the link directly from the company you are an Affiliate for or from some other masking service, it could look spammy and prevent people from clicking on it. Here is an example of what it looks like when you do it right:

BOOM. Thats it. That’s all you have to do. RINSE & REPEAT!



As of December 2018 – TUMBLR no longer allows adult/nude content. HOWEVER, some fetish blogs like for people that love feet are still up on Tumblr so we will leave this section up for those who have a blog like that.

Tumblr is the most popular micro-blogging site out there. They have always been pretty liberal with what they allow to be posted. In June 2013, Yahoo purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion and the mods have become a bit stricter since. Currently, they have been quoted as saying that nudity is allowed, but they do not allow pornography. Like many social media sites, Tumblr will not tell you hard and fast rules in regards to what is allowed and what is not. I highly encourage you to read their Community Guidelines to make sure you do not overtly break their rules and follow the guidance below. However if they feel you are breaking rules you will know it.

Tags. In order to get your posts out you need to use Tags (much like hashtags on Twitter) on every post. You could have the one and only picture of a naked celebrity, but if you do not use Tags, no one will ever see it. Tags are the main value that is searchable on Tumblr. Make sure you only use relevant Tags – if you post a picture of a girl in jeans and a tee shirt, do not Tag “Naked” or “Blow Job,” although the Tags “Horny” “Selfie” and “Teen” are always a good choices. You can use as many Tags as you feel is relevant.

Unique material. If you are on Tumblr enough you will notice the same pictures over and over again. It gets super annoying for the members. Everyone likes unique and fresh material. Make sure that you are taking pics from your site, or from other places around the net and introducing them to Tumblr. DO NOT take someone’s pictures from Tumblr and repost them as your own! You need to actually go and get new material and bring it over. Tumblr members love new material and they love to follow the “source.” If you introduce quality pictures into Tumblr and use Tags, you are going to be successful.

Use the queue. Tumblr has a great feature that allows you to make posts 24 hours a day, even when you are not online. This is a great feature to get international attention and also if you are on the West coast and you want to post during the East coast’s prime time. You can store days’ worth of posts in your queue and Tumblr will allow you to have them periodically post for whatever settings you determine.

Focus. If your Tumblr is part of your business – keep your focus! It is extremely easy to get distracted on Tumblr. You could be running a lesbian site and have lesbian affiliates and after a couple hours on Tumblr you could be reblogging half-naked Cosplay girls. If you want to have a Tumblr as an “expression of you” then make one on your own. This is business.

Links. Be careful when you are providing links in the comment section of your posts. If you highlight a word and make a hyperlink, such as “Click the link HERE” and you have HERE hyperlinked, Tumblr is going to fuck that hyperlink up to prevent you from spamming everything. What I have found best is to leave a comment like “If you like these pictures than come check out even more at” This will allow the viewer to see your site and it will also hyperlink to your site.

Do not become emotionally invested in your site. Do not spend over 20 minutes working on your Tumblr theme – 90% of the people will never see it. It is likely that your site will get terminated by Tumblr, and don’t bother seeking an explanation – they will not ever provide you one. Do not get your feelings hurt. Just use a different e-mail address and create a new Tumblr and pick up where you left off. The great thing about Tumblr is after your account is terminated; your posts will live on! I still see posts I made  five years ago! So if you have a quality image and a link to your site, every time your post gets reblogged you are getting more and more advertising for your site. Here’s what a good post on Tumblr looks like:


And here’s proof that social media works! Look at those stats!



Facebook can generate you more traffic than all of the other social media services combined. However, Facebook also has the strictest rules in regards to content (no nudity) and account names (do not make accounts with fake names).

We all know and love Facebook. Everyone has Facebook account so it is a great space to get noticed and shared to potentially new customers. However they do not like competition with the marketing and do not make it easy to advertise.

Just like I mentioned using the TinyURL with Twitter to mask your links – This will also come in handy with Facebook. They have filters that pick up on Affiliate addresses and they will often not even let you post them. This makes it very difficult to market on Facebook. You can easily redirect traffic from Facebook to your own website if you have one; however, it is challenging if you are just working with social media.

I will say it again – No nudity! They do not even like pictures that are 75% ass with a thong on. You can push it, but you will lose your account. I’ve had 6 accounts deleted on Facebook, which was annoying as hell.  Just like Tumblr, do not become too invested in your Facebook account because you risk losing it at any time with no warning.

Make sure you keep all of your content PG-13 and I’d advise NOT posting your affiliate links directly into your posts. When posting PG-13 pics on Facebook, it’s best to tell your followers something like, “Email me for the link to my website where you can see the Rated-R pics!” Thats how I’d send TONS of traffic to my site. If you don’t have a website, promoting Affiliate links on Facebook is going to be tough.



The good news about Google+ is that there is a lot of Tier II and Tier III (international) traffic on there. International traffic works GREAT with the “Geo-Matik” tool on CrakRevenue that we mentioned on the Homepage. While it is not the most popular social network in the United States, it is still one of the top ranked social media sites on every list. If you are successful on Google+, you can be very successful. But it is going to take a lot of work.

The profiles are very basic, so it is not going to take you long in order to complete your page. Make sure you fill your Google+ profile with a lot of content and quite a few links to either your site, or your affiliate links. Until you have a decent amount of quality content on your page, you can expect to not get a single follower.

Google+ does NOT allow nudity. If you try it you will get your account deleted.

The most challenging part about Google+ is the unwritten rules. Specifically, if you post too much in too many communities, you will be restricted and no one will be able to see your posts. No warning, no three strikes, they won’t even tell you that you are being restricted. You just won’t be getting any love from anyone. Google+ is paranoid about spam that they make the rules so tight that even a normal user has a difficult time.

If you decide to try Google+, good luck. Once you have a quality profile, then you want to live in the communities. Find a community or start a community that aligns closely with what your page is about. Then only make a couple of posts… every few hours.. and not too much ever. Slow and steady wins the Google+ race.



I’ve never used Youtube to get traffic to my website or adult Affiliate links, however, the following was sent in by an Affiliate who used our site to achieve success in this industry.

“I made a few PG-13 videos on Youtube that have generated a TON of traffic for me. My website ( is about Patriotic pics of/for the Troops. All I did was create a couple of picture videos using the free music that Youtube offers. Yeah, the music sucks but its free and I don’t think anyone minds because the pictures are hott. You have to make sure the pictures are PG-13 if you want to make sure your video doesnt get deleted. It didnt take long for people to start sharing the video and then coming to my website where I had affiliate links and banners already set up. 🙂 Heres one of my videos.”


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